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Name Region Contest Results
A Tout Vent Lille region France 0
A. W. Parker (Drybrook) Band West of England 257
A.N.I.Brass Australia 1
A.T.C.Wing Bristol West of England 2
ABM Brass Power Freiamt [1999-] Switzerland 4
AGO-Verzekeringen Netherlands 2
AM Brass Band Belgium 1
ATM Works Band North West 28
Aabenraa Brass Band [1878-] Denmark 1
Aalborg Brass Band Denmark 8
Aalborg Garden Denmark 2
Aalesunds Ungdomsmusikkorps Norway 1
Aargauer Jugend Brass Band Switzerland 0
Abb Kettleby Midlands 1
Abbey Brass [1977-] London and Southern Counties 117
Abbey Brass (Jedforest) Scotland 22
Abbey Brass Training London and Southern Counties 2
Abbeyhill & District Scotland 1
Abbot Memorial (Gateshead) North of England 2
Abbott's Boiler Works Midlands 5
Aber Valley Silver Wales 3
Aber-Blaengwynfi Silver [1892-] Wales 58
Aberaman Wales 120
Aberaman Public Wales 5
Aberavon Borough Wales 1
Aberavon D.S.& S. Wales 1
Aberavon Excelsior Wales 2
Abercanaid Wales 19
Abercarn Welfare Silver Wales 13
Abercrombie Primary School Community Midlands 2
Abercynon Wales 30
Aberdare Town Wales 75
Aberdare Volunteer Wales 2
Aberdeen City Band [1957-1997] Scotland 40
Aberdeen City Youth Brass Band Scotland 6
Abergavenny Borough Band Wales 186
Abergavenny Borough Youth Wales 14
Abergorchy Wales 14
Abergwynfi Wales 3
Abergynolwyn Silver Band Wales 17
Aberkenfig Wales 1
Aberllefenni Wales 5
Aberpergwm Brass Band [1906-1908] Wales 0
Aberteifi Town Wales 6
Abertillery & District Youth [1971-] Wales 108
Abertillery Colliery Wales 1
Abertillery Silver Wales 73
Abertillery Town Wales 15
Abertridwr Wales 11
Abertysswg Silver Wales 35
Abertysswg Youth Silver Wales 37
Aberystwyth B.L Wales 15
Aberystwyth Excelsior Wales 1
Aberystwyth Silver Band Wales 29
Aberystwyth Youth Band Wales 47
Abingdon B Band London and Southern Counties 1
Abingdon Band [1965-] London and Southern Counties 40
Abingdon Town Band London and Southern Counties 8
Abraham Darby School Band Midlands 39
Abthorpe Midlands 5
Accrington Borough North West 1
Aceprint Gawthorpe Victoria Band [1875-] Yorkshire 173
Ackton Hall Colliery Band Yorkshire 82
Ackworth Parish Yorkshire 8
Acocks Green Midlands 2
Acton Temperance London and Southern Counties 1
Ad Libitum Brass [2011-] Denmark 1
Adamson Military North West 4
Addington Brass New Zealand 15
Addleston Excelsior [1905-1942] London and Southern Counties 1
Addlestone British Legion [1929-] London and Southern Counties 0
Adelaide Eastern Suburbs Band Australia 2
Adelphi Brass Band (University of Salford) North West 0
Advocate Brass Band United States of America 0
Agder Brass Norway 43
Agecroft Colliery North West 2
Agents 4 U United Kingdom 6
Agnes Street Band [1935-1994] Northern Ireland 125
Agnes Street Juniors Northern Ireland 4
Aigburth North West 11
Aigburth Subscription North West 6
Ainsworth & District Silver North West 4
Airdrie Saxhorn Scotland 3
Airdrie Town Scotland 1
Aislaby North of England 1
Aitkenhead Scotland 19
Albany London and Southern Counties 2
Albert (Darlington) North of England 1
Albert Edward Operatic [1898-] North of England 11
Albert Hall Silver Midlands 1
Albert Memorial North West 3
Albert Street Iron Works Midlands 1
Albert Volunteer Rifles London and Southern Counties 1
Albion (Sydney) Australia 1
Albion Colliery Wales 18
Albion Dockyard Silver Band [-1966] West of England 22
Albion Foresters Midlands 1
Albion Mills (Droylsden) North West 3
Albury Town Australia 2
Alcester Victoria Band Midlands 64
Aldbourne Band [1860-] West of England 361
Alder Valley Brass [1961-] London and Southern Counties 207
Alderholt Silver West of England 19
Alderley Edge North West 23
Aldershot Town West of England 6
Aldridge (Brownhills) Midlands 17
Alexander Brass Band Norway 62
Alexandra Docks (L. and N.W.) North West 1
Alexandra LMS North West 10
Alford Silver Band Midlands 1
Alfreton Church Midlands 38
Alfreton Temperance Midlands 1
Alfreton Town Midlands 2
Algarve Corps Band of the Salvation Army Portugal 0
Alkmaar Brass Netherlands 4
All Saints (Hindley) North West 3
All Saints Volunteers North West 1
All Saints' Sunday School North West 3
All Souls Parish Church North West 20
All-Star Brass & Percussion United States of America 11
All-Star Staff Band United States of America 4
Allegheny Brass Band [1983-] United States of America 6
Allendale Town North of England 7
Allerton Brass Band [2013-] North West 11
Allerton Bywater Colliery Yorkshire 37
Allerton Bywater Comrades Yorkshire 1
Allerød FDF/FPF Brass Band Denmark 1
Alliance Brass [2000-2008] London and Southern Counties 15
Alliance Brass Band (Horncastle) Midlands 2
Allianskyrkan i Tenhult Sweden 1
Allianskyrkans Juniorbrass Jönköping Sweden 5
Allianskyrkans Musikkar Jonkoping [1958-] Sweden 3
Allianz Brass Band Männedorf [1995-] Switzerland 0
Alloa Burgh [1875-1991] Scotland 198
Alloa Colliery [1881-] Scotland 19
Alltwen Wales 11
Almac Bisley Brass Band [1899-] London and Southern Counties 42
Almondbury Yorkshire 22
Almondbury and Lowerhouses Yorkshire 1
Alp & Brass [2006-] Switzerland 5
Alperose Montbovon Switzerland 3
Alpeé de Vaulruz [1928-] Switzerland 4
Alpha Tube Works Brass Band Midlands 1
Alphington Brass West of England 1
Alpina Wiler [1886-] Switzerland 25
Alpine West of England 1
Alpine Energy Junior Brass New Zealand 0
Alpine Energy Timaru Brass New Zealand 16
Alresford Town West of England 1
Alsa'Brassband France 0
Alston [-1960] North of England 1
Alstonefield Village [1914-] Midlands 0
Alsvåg Brass Band Norway 3
Altena Brass Netherlands 21
Altofts and Normanton Band [1890-] Yorkshire 88
Altofts and Silkstone Yorkshire 2
Altrincham Borough North West 50
Altrincham Linotype North West 3
Altrincham Volunteer North West 1
Altrincham and Dunham Silver Midlands 4
Alva Town [1876-1991] Scotland 95
Alva Volunteers Scotland 23
Alvaston Hall Midlands 1
Alvaston and Boulton Midlands 28
Alversund Junior Blandakorps Norway 3
Alverton Brass [2007-] North of England 0
Alvescot Band London and Southern Counties 0
Amagasaki City Brass [2007-] Japan 0
Amalgamated Musicians' North of England 1
Amberley London and Southern Counties 11
Amble and Radcliffe Colliery North of England 26
Amblecote Brass Midlands 5
Ambrosden Brass Band London and Southern Counties 0
Americus Brass Band United States of America 0
Amersham Band [1890-] London and Southern Counties 103
Amersham Community Brass London and Southern Counties 1
Amesbury Town Band West of England 17
Amington Band [1917-] Midlands 228
Amlwch Wales 2
Ammanford Junior [1942-] Wales 2
Ammanford Silver Band [1881-] Wales 221
Amore Brass Band [1997-] Japan 0
Amotherby North of England 1
Ampthill Town London and Southern Counties 32
Ampthill Town Youth London and Southern Counties 1
Amsterdam Brass Netherlands 27
Amsterdam Staff Band of the Salvation Army [1961-] Netherlands 0
Amsterdam West Band of the Salvation Army [1933-] Netherlands 0
An-Sung Brass Band South Korea 0
Ancient Order of Foresters Youth Midlands 13
Ancoats Lads Club [1927-] North West 9
Ancoats Trinity Silver North West 5
And Now for Something Completely Different United Kingdom 11
Andels Fanfare Corps Netherlands 2
Andenes Hornmusikk Norway 0
Anderston St. Patrick Scotland 1
Andover London and Southern Counties 1
Andover Town [2010-] West of England 11
Andover Training West of England 1
Andøy Brass Norway 1
Anglia Youth Band London and Southern Counties 0
Anglian Fellowship Band London and Southern Counties 0
Angola Brass Band Unknown, do you know? 0
Angus Schools Scotland 1
Ani Brass Singapore 0
Anjou France 1
Annan Town (Magnox North) [1901-] Scotland 58
Annbank Scotland 4
Annesley United Midlands 6
Annfield Plain North of England 16
Anstey Town Midlands 3
Anston United Silver Yorkshire 15
Ansty West of England 3
Apollo Grou [1964-] Netherlands 16
Apple Tree Creek Citizens Brass Band [-1937] Australia 5
Appleby Brass Band North of England 6
Appleby Frodingham Works Midlands 29
Appledore Silver [1944-] West of England 39
Appledore Youth West of England 2
Apsley Mills London and Southern Counties 1
Ararat City Band Australia 5
Ararat Model Band Australia 1
Arbroath Instrumental Scotland 153
Arbroath Instrumental Junior Band Scotland 6
Arbroath Rifles Scotland 3
Arc Works Chelmsford London and Southern Counties 3
Ardee Concert Band Republic of Ireland 5
Ardingly London and Southern Counties 6
Ardington and Lockinge Band [-1939] London and Southern Counties 4
Ardley and Fewcott Band [-1950] London and Southern Counties 8
Ardwick Boys Brigade North West 1
Ardwick Excelsior North West 1
Ardwick Public North West 1
Ardwick Scottish North West 1
Arendal and Grimstad Brass Norway 8
Argyll Brass Scotland 5
Arkansas-Oklahoma Divisional Band United States of America 0
Arkengarthdale North of England 2
Arklow Silver Band Republic of Ireland 66
Arlesey Volunteer London and Southern Counties 10
Armadale Burgh [1873-] Scotland 84
Armadale Jubilee [1897-1903] Scotland 2
Armadale Silver Scotland 3
Armagh Old Boys Silver Band Northern Ireland 12
Armidale City Band Australia 18
Armley and Wortley Prize Band Yorkshire 97
Armthorpe Elmfield [1964-] Yorkshire 111
Army Air Corps (Wessex) West of England 1
Army Junior School of Music West of England 11
Arnfield Brass Midlands 108
Arnold Albion Midlands 1
Arnold United Midlands 5
Arran Brass Scotland 3
Arran Schools Band Scotland 0
Arrow Valley Brass [1977-] Midlands 80
Arsenal Football Club London and Southern Counties 16
Art Freedom Brass Band Japan 0
Arthur and Edward Colliery West of England 8
Artisans and Fulham Borough London and Southern Counties 1
Arvika Brass Band Sweden 1
Asbury College Salvation Army Student Fellowship Brass Band United States of America 0
Ascot Brass [2001-] London and Southern Counties 0
Ascot Park Hotel Auxiliary Brass New Zealand 8
Ascot Park Hotel Brass [1867-] New Zealand 20
Ascot United Midlands 1
Ashbourne Town Band Midlands 21
Ashburton Silver Band New Zealand 1
Ashby Men's Institute Midlands 6
Ashby Public Subscription Yorkshire 20
Ashby and District North of England 4
Ashdown Forest Temperance [1902-1911] London and Southern Counties 2
Ashford Industrial School London and Southern Counties 2
Ashford Railway Works London and Southern Counties 1
Ashgrove [2000-2009] Northern Ireland 0
Ashgrove Band [1979-2000] Northern Ireland 13
Ashington Duke North of England 43
Ashington Model North of England 37
Ashington Public North of England 16
Ashington Silver North of England 2
Ashington Temperance North of England 4
Ashover Brass Band Midlands 17
Ashtabula Brass Band United States of America 0
Ashton Band [1996-] North West 263
Ashton Borough North West 4
Ashton Congregational North West 2
Ashton Rifles North West 6
Ashton Temperance North West 11
Ashton in Makerfield Public North West 8
Ashton under Lyne Grammar school North West 3
Ashton under Lyne Public North West 1
Ashton-on-Mersey North West 12
Ashton-under-Lyne Band [-1995] North West 43
Ashton-under-Lyne Concertina North West 11
Ashtonian Brass North West 19
Ashworth Brass Band [-2012] North West 17
Askam Colliery North of England 0
Askam Town Silver Band North of England 58
Asker Brass Band Norway 1
Askern Colliery Band [1921-] Yorkshire 165
Askøy Brass Band Norway 90
Askøy Brass Symposium Norway 1
Askøy Skolebrass Norway 16
Askøy Skolebrass Juniorkorps Norway 1
Aspatria North of England 6
Aspatria Collieries North of England 8
Aspatria Fire Brigade North of England 2
Aspull Temperance North West 3
Astcote United Midlands 10
Astley Public North West 2
Astley Youth Band [1994-] North West 9
Astley Youth Training Band North West 1
Aston Old Midlands 6
Aston Parish Midlands 4
Aston Water Works Midlands 6
Aston-on-Trent Midlands 1
Athena Brass Band [2003-] United States of America 0
Atherstone Midlands 1
Atherstone Miners' Welfare Midlands 48
Atherstone Victoria Midlands 1
Atherton Concertina North West 2
Atherton Public Prize Band North West 127
Atherton Rifles North West 23
Atherton [Queensland] Australia 0
Atlantic Brass Band [1984-] United States of America 31
Attercliffe Yorkshire 1
Attercliffe Institute Yorkshire 17
Auburn-Lidcombe RSL Australia 1
Auchinairn Scotland 4
Auchinleck Scotland 14
Auchinleck Academy Brass Band Scotland 14
Auchinraith Scotland 7
Auchterderran Secondary School Scotland 3
Auchtermuchty Brass Band Scotland 21
Auckland Artillery New Zealand 1
Auckland City Brass [1938-] New Zealand 13
Auckland Metropolitan Fire Brigade [1919-] New Zealand 3
Auckland Park North of England 44
Audenshaw School North West 20
Audenshaw and Droylsden North West 17
Audley Brass Midlands 128
Audley Mission North West 1
Aughnaskeagh Silver Northern Ireland 2
Auksinis Brass Band Lithuania 2
Aura Brass Band [2004-] Finland 1
Austin Brass Band United States of America 0
Austin Motor Works Midlands 0
Austin Motor Works Midlands 1
Austin Motor Works Midlands 0
Australian Commonwealth Australia 2
Australian Imperial Band Australia 2
Australian Workers' Association Boulder Australia 1
Austrheim Skulemusikklag Norway 4
Austrian Brass Band [2001-] Austria 10
Avaldsnes Skolekorps Norway 14
Avan Valley Wales 2
Aveley Band [1899-1995] London and Southern Counties 227
Aveley Juniors London and Southern Counties 2
Aveley and Newham Band [1995-] London and Southern Counties 123
Avening Silver West of England 8
Avenir d'Aclens Switzerland 4
Avesta Gospel Brass Sweden 2
Avon Workmen's United Kingdom 1
Avonbank (Evesham) Band [1948-] Midlands 172
Avonmouth Labour West of England 1
Avro Works North West 10
Axminster Institute Silver Band West of England 12
Axwell Colliery North of England 8
Axxon Brass Band Sweden 4
Aycliffe Brass Band [1950-1994] North of England 56
Aycliffe and Brancepeth Band [1994-] North of England 26
Aylesbury C.E.T.S London and Southern Counties 8
Aylesbury Music Centre London and Southern Counties 5
Aylesbury Town London and Southern Counties 1
Aylsham Band London and Southern Counties 15
Aylsham Fellowship London and Southern Counties 1
Ayr Benwhat Brass [1979-] Scotland 11
Ayr Burgh Scotland 8
Ayr [Queensland] Australia 0
Ayresome Quoit Club Silver North of England 1
Ayrshire (ECO) Yeomanry Scotland 11
Azuma Funabashi Senior High School Band Japan 3

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