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British Open Spring Festival (Grand Shield)

This has been the qualifying contest for the British Open Championship since 1952.

Prior to 1952 this contest was known as the Belle Vue May Contest - Class A and the qualifying contest for the British Open was the Belle Vue July Contest.

The Crystal Palace Grand Shield was a different contest which used the same trophy. Click on the link for results.

British Open Spring Festival (Senior Cup)

Future Events

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Past Results

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Date Winner Conductor Test Piece
7th May 2022
9th May 2020 No Contest. Postponed due to Coronavirus Pandemic https://www.4barsrest.com/news/39117/2020-spring-festival-postponed
18th May 2019
12th May 2018
13th May 2017
14th May 2016
9th May 2015
26th Apr 2014
11th May 2013
12th May 2012
14th May 2011
15th May 2010
9th May 2009
10th May 2008
19th May 2007
13th May 2006
7th May 2005
8th May 2004
3rd May 2003
11th May 2002
5th May 2001
6th May 2000
8th May 1999
9th May 1998
10th May 1997
11th May 1996
13th May 1995
7th May 1994
8th May 1993
2nd May 1992
4th May 1991
5th May 1990
6th May 1989
7th May 1988
9th May 1987
10th May 1986
4th May 1985
19th May 1984
30th Apr 1983
15th May 1982
9th May 1981
17th May 1980
19th May 1979
7th May 1978
22nd May 1977
9th May 1976
10th May 1975
4th May 1974
5th May 1973
6th May 1972
8th May 1971
9th May 1970
17th May 1969
25th May 1968
29th Apr 1967
28th May 1966
15th May 1965
9th May 1964
25th May 1963
26th May 1962
13th May 1961
28th May 1960
9th May 1959
17th May 1958
18th May 1957
26th May 1956
21st May 1955
22nd May 1954
16th May 1953
17th May 1952

British Open and Qualifying

See Also

Contest Website:http://www.thebritishopen.net/


Winners back to 1952 are as engraved on the current Grand Shield trophy. Except for 1981 to 1984 where the bands on the trophy appear to have come second, not first! Was a different trophy given to the winners? If you know the answer please let us know.

There are also results on the trophy from 1902 to 1938, but they are for the Crystal Palace Contest (see link at top of page).

Contest Group Notes

Also known as the Belle Vue May Contest
1922 - 1930: One section only
1931 - 1951: Class A, B, C, D
1952: Six sections - Grand Shield, Senior Cup, Senior Trophy, Junior Shield, Junior Cup, Junior Trophy
In 1982 only the Grand Shield and Senior Cup were run, although the latter disappeared later.
2001: Senior Cup reinstated
2002: Senior Trophy reinstated

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